Africa Week 2022: ሱር : Soo-R Nurturing Our Roots

ሱር : Soo-R – Nurturing Our Roots is the theme for this year’s Africa Week.  Whether we are first, second or even more generations away, we chose this theme to ask “What connects us to our roots” and furthermore how can we continue to connect to the continent. We celebrate those who have returned to make an impact, the ways in which we use culture and language to feel a part of our Africanite, and fellowship – very important on campus as we try to connect with each other. Join us this week as we connect through different facets of our diverse and beautiful cultures. 

Monday, October 24:

Grace Africa

6pm, Hillman 70

Grace Africa is a 26-year-old social media influencer and a registered nurse born in Houston, Texas. She rose to fame after posting comedy content about Africa on social media.

Tuesday, October 25

Public Service Announcement

All day

What responsibility do African immigrants or second generation have towards the continent? Learn about influencers who have returned to the continent, having grown up away and the impact they are making on the continent.

Wednesday, October 26

African Marketplace

12-3pm, Danforth University Center 276

Stop by the marketplace and stock up on jewelry, hair products and more! Support local African vendors from the St. Louis region and beyond to sell their wonderful merchandise. Bring your wallets!

Thursday, October 27

Roundtable: Africa Rising, the Next Generation

12-3pm, Danforth University Center 276

Join us as we talk about how our generation can contribute to the emergence of the African continent.

Friday, October 28

Taste of Africa

3-5pm, McMillan Cafe

Your favorite event is back and better than ever! Come grab a bite of African Cuisine at Taste of Africa! We will have Ofure Palace and Merhaba catering for this event!