African Royalty: 12th Annual Fashion Show

  • February 23, 2018 • 5 PM

The African Students Association Presents: African Royalty, Washington University’s 12th Annual African Fashion Show and Cultural Exposition.

Still riding the Black Panther high? Wish you could spend Spring Break in Wakanda? Do you want to find the T’Challa to your Nakia?

Don’t miss the event of the year. YAKWTFGO! The theme is African Royalty because guess what? We are KINGS. AND. QUEENS. This event is an unapologetic celebration of the excellence that exists throughout the African diaspora.

With performances from the West African Masquerade, North African Belly Dancing, and South African Gum Boot, this event is here to broadcast the full diversity of the African continent and all its 54 countries.

Come ready to see the kente, the dashikis, the adinkra, the gomesi, the headscarves, the shweshwe, accessories, accessories, more accessories, and most importantly black and African excellence.

Fashion week could never. #WakandaForever