Here we highlight Africans who have returned to their home countries to build foundations and industries.  What will you do to contribute to the continued growth of the continent?

Thione Niang

Thione Niang is an an influential political strategist, motivating author, and inspiring leader, who is making a difference on our continent. Niang started his journey on the West Coast of Africa in Senegal and later immigrated to America with twenty dollars in his pocket. Through determination and persistence, he strived to make the most of his opportunity and become a successful entrepreneur. JeufZone, one of his most impactful projects, is an agricultural system in which young adults are provided the tools and training to learn how to produce and take care of the land. Another important aspect of this project is the teaching of entrepreneurial skills. Such that after learning how to create agriculturally, the trainees obtain the ability to make a profit and grow instead of being manipulated by outside sources. In alignment with a common ideology of teaching a man how to hunt rather than doing the hunting for the man, JeufZone is changing the lives of over 200 young adults and creating the next generation of future leaders. 

Momo Dione

Momo Dione, although born in Saudi Arabia, is of Guinean and Senegalese descent. He is an actor, filmmaker, and entrepreneur. Frequent travel is also a way of life for Momo Dione. This inspired his new travel documentary series “Momo Dione: Going Home” which explores the goals, struggles, and accomplishments of African immigrants who have returned home. The motto for this series is “They say home is where the heart is. But what about where the heart used to be?” Just like the motto interprets, this series highlights and narrates the compelling stories of those who seek to reestablish their roots after enduring displacement. The first season with sixteen episodes, in 2019, takes place in The Republic of Guinea, Momo’s country of origin. The series works diligently to highlight a more focused look into the lives and minds of some Africans from the diaspora that have returned home. 

Osas Ighodaro

Born and raised in the Bronx, New York, Osas Ighodaro is an actor, host, producer, and humanitarian. She is also a Nigerian-American who graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcast Journalism and dual minor degrees in Entrepreneurship and Theater. She continued on to earn a Masters of Fine Arts Degree in Acting from the Actor’s Studio Drama at Pace University. Osas is most famous for her work in ‘Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns,’ ‘Rattlesnake,’ ‘Fela and the Kalakuta Queens,’ ‘Cadillac Records,’ and many more projects. In fact, she founded the production company, ‘Joy of Art Media & Entertainment,’ with the mission to produce projects that entertain and create a positive impact. In 2010, Osas was crowned Miss Black USA and was the first Nigerian American to do so. Most importantly, Osas is an advocate against the spread of preventable diseases and in turn is the founder of the NGO, Joyful Joy Foundation, which strives to eradicate Malaria throughout Africa. 

Oyin Solebo & Charles Sekwalor

LSE Africa Summit 2015 – Movemeback

The Movemeback Initiative founded by Oyin Solebo and Charles Sekwalor is another impactful organization that strives to bring socio-economic growth to the continent of Africa. Solebo and Sekwalor took notice of the abundant potential and opportunities across Africa and have created a spotlight on this environment for many talents, leaders, and influencers internationally. Through talent relocation, internships, remote engagements, facilitatory investments, and advisory relationships, many of these individuals are given access to a breakthrough career that not only supports the Movemeback member but the development of Africa. 

Chams Diagne

Chams Diagne is a Senegalese entrepreneur. He is the founding partner and CEO of Talent2Africa based in France. Talent2Africa, launched in May 2016, is a unique Pan-African online hiring platform connecting African talent living in and outside of the continent. The social recruiting network operates a linking network between the talents of the Diaspora and African Businesses. The network accompanies extensive regional experience in the francophone, anglophone, and lusophone African markets working with four types of businesses: multinationals, government agencies, Pan-African champions, and SMEs (small-to-medium enterprises). Chams Diagne ultimately founded this business to highlight the great career opportunities in Africa, with the talents of the African Diaspora living in the West and eager to return to Africa.